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Afro-house kan zijn African music mixed with deep house. It’s mostly African percussion, vocals, and other sound effects that are mixed into your classic house beat.

Tribal house is very rhythmic and energetic in nature. You won’t find a lot of synth sounds like the majority ofwel house subgenres.

The main characteristic ofwel outsider house kan zijn its kind of low energy, low-quality samples that add to the aesthetic, deliberately adding the reminiscent mood to its parent genre.

Influenced mostly by tech house and electro, electro house popped up around the turn ofwel the millennium (between the late ‘90s and early 2000s). It kan zijn somewhat of a predecessor to the aforementioned bass house, as it can also be typified by the usage ofwel heavy saw bass and thick, thumping drums.

The standout from PC Music’s first compilation – a snappy 30-minute collision ofwel electronic, pop and club beats – right critics both confused and infatuated.

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Early bass house filled the entire frequency spectrum, during the drop, with a single bass pattern. The tempo kan zijn most often set around 128 bpm.

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This subgenre first appeared in the 80s with Spanish samples. It evolved from that into incorporating Latin American vocals, percussions, and powerful Flamenco riffs along with the classic house structure.

Voor dit vervaardigen aangaande housemuziek worden dikwijls samples gebruikt. Het genre heeft veel invloeden uit disco, soul, hiphop, jazz, latin en freestyle. Het genre heeft vele substromingen en diverse subscenes. Zodoende kan dit sinds de jaren tachtig op een behoorlijk constante aanhang rekenen. House uit Chicago, techno uit Detroit en een garage uit New York bestaan de voorlopers op varianten van elektronische dansmuziek welke over jaren aangemaakt moeten worden.

This subgenre has become so massive, it can almost be considered a whole genre on its own. Heavy bass drums and buzzing basslines are characteristic ofwel the genre.

It's been tried and tested at Nick's recent club gigs in Brighton and it's passed the dance floor test with impressive results. This is a definite floor-filler for DJs to use and abuse.

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New Jersey sound or Jersey sound kan zijn a genre ofwel house music originating in Newark, New Jersey during Ga naar de website the early 1980s. It was a type of deep and garage house with an emphasis on soulful vocals influenced by Newark's gospel legacy.

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